Named after Fort Vancouver, Fortside brewing brews beer worth being passionate about. From the taste to the smell to the overall experience, Fortside brewing is committed to making SW Washington #BEERSTRONG.
Old Ivy
Named for the venerable climbing vine outside in the patio. The vine was originally at home in Germantown, Pennsylvania, came west to Hilltop Farm near Forest Grove in 1848, on to Vancouver in the late nineteenth century, finally arriving here with the construction of the Patio Building in 1947
Commitment to local ingredient sourcing and forward thinking are the values that drive Heathen’s mantra, “Progressive ales for the promiscuous palette”.
With roots in Vancouver as deep as the mountain they're named for, Loowit strives to bring you an lava flow of incredible beer. Founded in 2012, Loowit is already a Couve classic.
Victor 23
In 1971, D.B. Cooper disappeared along the Victor 23 flight path. In 2016, Victor 23 Brewing touched down in Vancouver, WA.
Beerded Brothers
Few embody the Vancouver brew scene mantra, “Community Not Competition” better than Beerded Brothers. The motivation for this brewery is to create and commit to the local brewing community and to share their love of beer and friendship with Vancouver.
Pure ingredients and a pure product are what drive the beer production at Railside. It’s about passion and enjoyment here, not a job.
Trap Door
A fourth generation Vancouver beer industry family with the goal of producing the highest quality craft beer with sustainability & community in mind. Visit the large taproom and patio for a family-friendly experience while sipping on balanced Northwest-style craft brews.
Willamette Week named Trusty Brewing’s Corner Window IPA the best IPA in Vancouver in 2016 just three months after they opened. Trusty has been going strong ever since, just as their name implies.
Brothers Cascadia
The Pacific Northwest, or Cascadia, is home to some of the best hops, grains, and water available to brewers and they strive to feature them predominantly in all their brews.
The iconic Portland brewery now has a home in Vancouver. Hopworks focuses on making world-class beer and food with practices that drive quality, protect the environment, and improve the community they live in.
Mt Tabor
Striving for approachable beers to be enjoyed in a fun environment is what drives Mt Tabor. Beer that's made locally to be drank locally.
Heavy Metal Brewing Co.
Heavy Metal Brewing Co. keeps it metal by keeping it craft.
Craft beer. Craft food. Craft Music.