Vancouver is not only a must-visit destination for beer lovers, but it’s becoming the must-be destination for beer makers as well. No doubt, rumors swirl around Clark County frequently on where the next brewery might pop up. But this is no rumor.

Doomsday Brewing is opening their ‘Safe House’ taproom on JULY 1ST in Uptown Village just a small 2 blocks south of Trap Door Brewing and just a couple doors down from the ever-popular Ice Cream Renaissance.

Doomsday Brewing's Safehouse taproom in Vancouver Washington

Doomsday Brewing Company was founded in September 2012 by Erik Cloe and Jake Walton. Friends for over 10 years with an admiration of the Pacific Northwest and obsession with home brewing, they decided to bring their best craft brews to the masses while there is still time ahead of the apocalypse.

Erik and Jake snatched at the opportunity to inhabit the space with a large taproom and even larger patio space. That patio space will become the permanent home of a couple food trucks, including one that has catered many brewery events in the area.

Herb N’ Roots will finally lay down their roots in the patio space. Herb N’ Roots is a dynamic catering service company that provides a unique dining experience for any food service event. With an emphasis on local and sustainable, and a flare for vegan and gluten-free cookery, Chefs Josh Simpson and Alex Collins are reinventing traditional standards and opening doors to new sides of the culinary world.

While Doomsday sounds warnings for the end of days, this is an exciting new beginning. See you at the Safe House on July 1st.

Editors note: Look for Doomsday Brewing on the new Brewcouver Passports to be released late-July!