Trusty Brewing has only had their doors open for a few short months. They haven’t even had an official “Grand Opening”, but that hasn’t stopped them from being discovered and making quite the glowing first impressions.

In the last calendar week, Trusty has been prominently featured in two widespread publications featuring Vancouver beer. Most recently, Thrillist wrote about Vancouver as the “Beer Town You’re Not Paying Attention To” with Trusty headlining a short write-up on 7 of the 9 breweries with publicly open pubs or taprooms.

Trusty Brewing's Downtown Vancouver Pub

Pull up a seat at the bar or snag the coveted corner window seat – the namesake of Corner Window IPA.

But the real eye-opener was an article by Willamette Week in which respected industry pros – like Breakside brewmaster Ben Edmunds, Saraveza publican Sarah Pederson, N.W.I.P.A.’s Jackson Wyatt and the New School blog‘s Ezra Johnson-Greenough – all participated in a blind taste test of 19 Vancouver IPAs.

Trusty came out shining with Corner Window IPA and the accolades have followed.

Listen to brewer/owner Gary Paul of Trusty Brewing on Portland’s KPAM April 14th First Edition show with Tim and Terry!